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Message from the President

**COVID 19 – Understanding Governor’s Implementation within the Commonwealth**

Dear CAP Members and PA Car Wash Owners and Operators:

Our Country and our Commonwealth is managing through unprecedented time right now. The COVID 19 virus and the ability to control it’s spread has brought each person and business to a place a great caution.

On Monday March 16, 2020 PA Gov. Tom Wolf strongly urges that all businesses close for a period of time. This, in response to limiting the spread of this virus in public setting, now known as “community contact”. Many retail stores and large businesses with public interaction fall under this directive by the Governor for the safety of employees and public alike.

A list of non-essential vs essential businesses has been posted at www.PA.gov. Automotive Services, which includes Car Wash facilities does not appear on this list. This has left many of you concerned as to should I be open or should I be closed. The Carwash Association of Pennsylvania is not here to answer that question for you.

Should you choose to remain open, here are some friendly tips and best practices:
–If you or any of your employees are experiencing any flu like symptoms, they should not report to work.
–Provide your employees with PPE (personal protection equipment), Gloves, Face protection, hand soap and hand sanitizer.
–If you operate a Full Service Car Wash:
Point of Sale Transactions – Make sure you or your employees are fitted with latex gloves and face mask and have hand-sanitizer near by during and following interacting with the customers, and handling money and or credit cards.
–Have your customers remain in the vehicle to perform Exterior Wash services only.
–Towel drying can be offered for the exterior only. Wear latex gloves to receive tips.
–If you operate an Express, In Bay Automatic or Self Serve:
Sanitize Frequently all areas that public hands touch; equipment, coin boxes, touch screens, vending machine, vacuum nozzles & hoses, triggers/wands, garbage receptacles, etc.

We trust that each of you remains healthy and positive during these unforeseen and awkward times.

Clean and Safe will prevail.

Thank you,

The Carwash Association of PA

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Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

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Posters for Download and Print from the CDC about COVID19 for employees.

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logobigIn the early 90’s car wash owners and operators rallied protect and promote their livelihood, as local and state government agencies continued to expand their regulatory reach on small businesses in the Commonwealth. The Carwash Association of Pennsylvania was formed by a group of proactive industry leaders to advance and safeguard the business interests of the car wash industry. Their vision was to build a trade association that would foster and support efforts to improve and expand the quality and standards of industry services. Further, Association founders wished to establish and facilitate a networking venue that promoted the development of industry relationships where members could share best-practices and business experiences. Do you share that vision? 

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